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I posted this on another community but didnt get much answers so maybe you all can help

I was just wondering...what is everyones take on here about online dating?

Okay so me and this guy had been "online dating" for about 9 months. I know some people consider that to be very immature, child like, and desperate, but there was something about him I just couldn't get enough of. I seriously cared about him, he told me he loved me and missed me all the time and I honestly thought I was in love with him. I saw his picture, and we had been saving money so I could fly to where he lives and we could spend some time together. I found out-through his friends and mine- that he had been with about 6 other girls while with me and in sexual relationships with them all. I guess I was very thrown back by that, because he had told me that even though it was online, it was serious, and we were only going to date each other.
I was shocked, to know that a guy that seemed so completlty perfect would go and cheat and have sex with any other girl, much less 6 of them. I felt so used, like some online toy that was just an occupation of his time for when he got bored with his other 6 girls. I confronted him about it, asking him wtf was he thinking?
Then he goes and plays dumb with me, and he proceeds to tell me that every time I ever talked to him online, or emailed him, it wasn't him. He told me that his ex girlfriend had all his passwords and it was really HER, not him who i was talking to all along. He said the picture was really his, but one that SHE had on her computer of him from when they were dating. He said when i called him, it was him i was talking to, but he never had any idea who I was. He said he was just playing along. He told me that anything he ever said to me, he didn't mean, and he never even cared about me at all.
I feel used. What kind of sick person would go and pretend to be a GUY and make me belive they care about me?? make me beleive that Im in love with this person...who turns out to be a girl?? I feel like a lesbian. I most certainly am not, but Ive been flirting with a girl this whole time, and not a guy??? Its disgusting! Im disgusted.

But my question is, do you all think jimmy ( the b/f) was just making all of that up? maybey because he was mad I had caught him cheating? Because I don't know for certain it was his ex pretending to be him, I havn't spoken with her. Part of me tells me he was mad i caught him and didn't want me to yell at him anymore, so he just made up some excuse. He was also at a buddies house when he told me this, so maybe his guy friend was standing behind him and jimmy didnt want anyone to know he was doing such an un cool thing as online dating?? so he told me it was his ex the whole time and not him?
But then the other part of me really makes me thinks it his ex because when he was giving me his number in the begining of the relationship, he FIRST gave me his exes ( i know because i called it) and then he signed back on and told me "opps sorry thats my old number, heres my real one". So in that case, 1) it was his ex,giving out her number just by instinct or 2) it was jimmy, and he had his ex on his mind.

Its just you find someone so perfect...and you find out their a girl?? Its like a whole part of your life is ripped away.

So PLEASE PLEASE you guys, tell me what you think!! please tell me if you think it was jimmy all along or if it was really his ex posing as him. This subject has been botering me for some time.
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