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Finding Love

Over the past year or so, I have kept a journal on Through this journal service, I began talking to a good friend of mine named Alex. We never talked for long periods of time nor very often. He was just my buddy ole' pal. Never in a million years would I have thought that the two of us would fall in love.

For one thing, he lives in California... while I live here in Ohio. Which totally sucks because I can't see him yet. And I know it sounds ridiculous to fall in love and begin a relationship but, I find these internet relationships are so much more meaningful because you don't look at someone's looks right off hand.. but thier personality. But anyways, over the past year, I have gone through tons of heartache!
One boyfriend stopped loving me after almost 3 years.. one couldnt handle me after a month.. and one just flat out lied to me! This one guy Landon, lied to me for six months when he really had a local girlfriend that I never knew about! Then, I lost my virginity to a random guy at a party because I was going through a rough point within my life and felt self-destructive. So, love was completely tearing me apart! And yet Alex was there all along!!!

Then about two weeks, I asked Alex what his true feelings for me were. And everything just clicked from that day forth. And I am completely happy! He makes me feel so good! He makes me smile and laugh! And he tells me that Im his queen and my heart just completely melts.

The only bad part is that he is going to boot camp in October so, we wont be able to talk for weeks! And then if everything works out.... he will always be away because of the Navy! But, Im willing to accept that because I love him so much!

Yay for love!
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