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Confused ....

My ex boyfriend and i are still friends after being with each other for a year and a half and now that i have another boyfriend everything is so weird. Well he still wants to be with me and even though a small part is saying yes i dont think its the right thing to do. But what is aggravating me is that my mom kinda treats my new boyfriend bad and always is giving me smart remarks because she wants me to be with my ex still. What sh doesnt understand is that i am hurting alot and really being back with him will not solve anything. It's hard when you with someone for a while and there like family cause now you've split from all their family not just them. And what really sucks is my new boyfriend can tell shes kinda pushing him away. I am so confused and dont know what to do. Who ever thought love was so painful at times....
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I dated my ex boyfriend for two and a half years. We broke up in March of 2003 and began talking again until December 2003, when I found out that he had another girlfriend the entire time. I was heartbroken, needless to say, but he was still trying to get me back. I tried to block him from my mind and move on, meeting my current boyfriend and beginning to get feelings for him... But as soon as I would get satisfied and comfortable talking to my boyfriend (he wasnt my boyfriend at the time), my ex would call. It seems like they only want you back when you have someone or when you're happy, because they aren't truly happy and are missing what you had together, since you're now giving it to someone else. I don't think you should be so easy to fall again for him; obviously he hurt you during the break up, now it's his turn to suffer equally. You never know what you could be missing out on... I wouldn't trade my boyfriend right now for anyone in the world, and that is saying a lot, considering I dated the ex for almost three years and my current boyfriend and I have only dated for seven months. Sometimes you think you know what love is, until someone new sweeps you off your feet. I hope I helped :-)
Thats really how i feel ... thanks so much for writing!! I care about my EX but we just dont work and i can't fix it. I really appreciate your advice. Thanks Bunches!