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Just ranting... Sorry if it's sort of long.

I just joined the community; I've enjoyed reading everyone's posts! I just figured I'd rant about how my boyfriend and I met... Sorry if it's boring ;/.

When I was small, I used to live in the county next to mine. My dad was a coal miner and my mom was a housewife, taking care of little me. Needless to say we didn't have a lot of money, so we lived in a trailor park through the first three years of my life. Here, we lived next to a woman, a man who worked with my dad, and two little boys. Everyday the woman, named Donna, would come over to my house and get me, taking me over to stay with her and her two sons for the whole day. Her husband would come home from work and play with me all of the time; he was dying to have a little girl of his own. Their two sons, Tim and Chris, were my best friends back then and I was a miniature tom boy, always playing with dump trucks and GI Joes! At the age of three, my dad decided to transfer jobs to become the Superintendent over a mines close to the county I live in today. Not long after we moved, so did they, further into my previous county I lived in, and they finally conceived their third child; a little girl! They were all so excited. They would all come together and travel to where I live today on occasion and the little girl, Jamie, and I would play together with Chris and Tim. It wasn't too many years after we moved here that the visits lessened and there were many years before seeing our neighbors again. Actually, it was last year, on June 14th 2003, that we ever had any contact with one another. I was attending a program called Upward Bound, where I stay at a nearby college for six weeks each Summer, when one morning before returning, there was a phonecall... The little girl that Donna and her husband had together, only a couple of years younger than myself, had been killed with her boyfriend in a car accident. The family was devestated; all their lives they had wanted a little girl, but now it was being taken away. I wasn't able to attend the Funeral, as bad as I hate to say that. But, My mom went, and was asked where I was at by the two boys. She came back, telling me about everything, and bragging a lot about Tim, the youngest boy, and how much he had grown up and how good looking he was. I didn't believe her; what do moms know?, so I shunned her off.. Well, time went by and my mother and Donna became in contact with one another quite often and the both of them kept pushing us to meet with one another again. As hesitant as we both were, one Sunday morning in January, she brought him to my house after he got off of work. I walked out of my room that morning and my life was changed. I had recovered from my boyfriend cheating on me after two and a half years and didn't think I would ever care about anyone again... But seeing him, and looking into his eyes gave me butterflys. I never, ever, believed in love at first sight until that moment. We talked forever that day, like we had known each other all our lives.. Which actually, we had! lol.. We dated for a long time, and finally he asked me to be his girlfriend. I gave him the hard to get method for a while and finally said yes to him on February 28th. We have been together every since, and although we have our fights and such like every other couple, we have made it through and plan to someday be married. It's like it was meant to be... God sent me him when the time was perfect and he couldn't have sent me anyone any better! He is a great boyfriend and person... He does what he can for his family, attends church, and works in the Coal Mines from 10:30 PM until 10:00 AM... He's hardworking and makes sure that I have anything I want, although I never ask for anything. I'm so proud of him and he is all I could ever ask for or want...

*!~Tara Loves Tim~!*
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