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Our Story

We were only 16. I watched him pass me by the hallways every morning and wonder if he noticed me. By chance we happened to get the same class that year. Math! I hated that class, he was my only reason for going. Then one day I noticed the sparkle in his eyes when he looked at me. Then being the fool that I was, I let all my insecurities get the best of me. The fear of getting hurt took over and I pushed him away. Always keeping him close enough to have in my life but far enough to not get hurt. The game continued on for many years. We hurt each other badly yet we couldn't stay away, couldn't give each other up. Life took me away unexpectedly at the height of our best times, when we began to sort our love out and gave ourselves to each other completely, but I had to leave there was no way out of it. We stayed in touch until the miscommunication took over and I could no longer hold on to him, I would not let myself hold him back. So we both moved on. Moved on to different places and different faces. Still there remained a thin string that he had attached to my heart that would not snap, break or tear, it would just tug at me at random moments never letting me forget him. We remained friends through out those years, always at arms length never quite able to see each other in person. Too many emotions would engulf the both of us and his new relationship would strain under the pressure of our friendship. The decision was made to not talk at all. We said our goodbyes the best we could and spent a year without a single form of contact. I took a deep breath and decided to wait, the time would come again for us but now was not that time. Then fate stepped in. It decided to put us at the same place at the same time and give us one more chance. He was caught between the two of us. The choice had to be made again. I stepped back and I made no promises. All I asked for was for him not to regret his decision whatever it was. Now here we are seven months later in a new relationship. We've loved each other like never before and hurt each other the same. Yet we can't be apart. Here we are going strong, no more games. So where do we go from here? We are now 22, our adult lives are beginning. Is the next natural step marriage? Is it wise to break up for the sake of seeing where we really stand? We both seem to want the break but are too afraid to take it. Too afraid of loosing each other and having to struggle to get back what we now have. We have been through so much this past year. So much drama so much happiness and so much sadness. How do we move on from here? Is this a natural occurrence in all relationships. We've gone through all the hurdles and supported each other through so much. So many years have gone into bringing us to this point. We are happy yet there's that feeling of needing time apart. Is that normal? Has it been too much for the both of us? Should we take our break?
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