Starry_Gaze (starry_gaze) wrote in pure_love_bliss,

Time to let go

I let go....

I told Alex that I can't wait for him... and I cant be with him. It hurts too much to know what he did to me. I finally gave up after a week of waiting to hear from him to see if we could fix everything. But we can't. I lost respect for him as a person after he told me he cheated on me. It still mind boggles me... is all guys think with is thier dicks? Is love just not enough? Maybe I just need someone who is here... not across the country. I need to held and able to look at someone in the eyes. So hopefully one day I will find a guy. I hope I find someone who makes me feel loved and appericated. Hey...maybe thats what college will be for!

Although I find it quite amusing that after Im all heart-broken my friend Nick offers me the whole friends with benefits deal. I doubt I'll take the offer but still makes me laugh to think about it!

I just wish love were easier....
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