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A Perfect Community For Muah!

This Journal is great! I have a kind long love story, but will try to keep it short but sweet.

I have been with my Man,Bryce, for going on four years. During the first year of our relationship, he got into a car accident that forced him to have Major Back Surgery otherwise his back would slowly but surely deteriate. So, we had the surgery. Not thinking about the outcome. He went in, and couldn't finish the Surgery. He lost a lot of blood, and his lungs even collappsed. Hardest thing you ever have to do is go into the hospital and have the doctor tell you that he's not going to make it. It killed me too. Their were days that he'd be lying in the hospital bed, and since he had lost so much weight. Weighting only around 105 pounds, I couldn't eat, sleep, NOTHING! Their were days that I'd just sit, and sit by his bedside. Hoping, and praying for the best. One day I remember walking and walking as I would sometimes do throughout the hospital. I just could'nt help myself, and started balling my eyes out, walking down the hospital hallways, I went and set down in a tiny corner overlooking the parking lot. Next thing, a guy came over and sat down next to me, I couldn't help myself and spilled everything. How hurt I was, how scared I was, how much I loved him, and was so scared that I would lose him. I remember the guy holding me rubbing my back, telling me over and over "he's strong Monica, he'll be o-kay tell him you love him, and he'll see his way through it." When I looked back up to thank the guy .... HE WAS GONE! I thought that in that time that I was wipeing my face, that maybe he turned the corner, so I got up looked around me, and looked and looked. Couldin't find him. Asked the closest Recptionist if she knew where the gentlemen was that was sitting right beside me, and she told me that she didn't see anyone sitting beside me. I'VE NEVER BEEN SO SCARED IN MY LIFE! A year before that had happend, my Uncle Fernie, died. Kind of sudden, and he's helped my family in so many ways, and I beleive in my heart that he helped me that day. Because, after that I went in and told Bryce how much I loved him. Went home. THe next day Bryce, was up eating and wanting to go for a walk in the court yard. Ever since, then bryce has made a remarkable recovery. He is so strong, and so is our relationship.

I took our love for granted. I did. I never thought that a thing like that could happen, but it can.

He's okay now, still in pain a lot, but he's walking, talking, eating! More importantly he's here with me. Where we are meant to be together i know now, for the rest of our lives!


Love Always,


I hope to bring a sense of love, to this community, and some good advice on life just being way too short!

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