MandaKitty (manda_kitty) wrote in pure_love_bliss,

I've been in Atlanta visiting my boyfriend for 2 weeks now. I leave Friday...I really don't wanna. I hate it that we're so far away(he's in Georiga, I'm in New York). I guess I should be lucky that I'm here at all. I wasn't supposed to see him until August, but something happened to his dad and his dad ended up dying...We buried his dad on July 3rd. His mother flew me out here. She's really great. His sister is a sweetheart as well. His sister ended up telling me she loves me and thinks of me as a sister and his mom told me to call her mom and has told me she loves me as well. It made me feel happy, I almost cried. Saturday night after the funeral Carlos proposed and caught me completely off guard. (: So yayness I'm now engaged. I'm planning on going back to college in NY and he's gonna look around and try to find a job by me so we can be together and after I get my vet tech degree we're gonna move back to Atlanta and I'm gonna get a job and go from there to see if I wanna go for the vet degree. He's supposed to come up in August for a couple of days to visit, I can't wait. But being without him is gonna seem like forever. When I leave I'm gonna end up crying so much, he couldn't get off of work to be at the airport with me, they wouldn't even let him off early and that sucks because I want him to be the last thing I see before I get on the plane but ): it's not gonna work out that way...
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